Tuesday, July 8, 2008

La Returne de Lil Mugi

Perhaps all you dedicated readers are wondering why it's been so long since I've posted, and also why, when I finally do, it should come at 3:00 AM. Well, the only answer I can give to the first question is "pure sloth," seeing as this is the summer as I've been a senior in High School, and the only reason I have finally returned is that BODO pulled the 'blistering part of my soul from the ashes it had nearly hopelessly sunk into. Luckily, I think I've shaken most of them off by now.

The answer to the other question is, I feel a far more valid excuse, and I feel inexcusably pompous when I talk about this, but this is MY blog (and BODO and Bootsie's, of course), so I'll be pompous just this once. I'm posting so late because I spent the past three hours or so copying the 140 ingenious measures of the second movement of my piano concerto, which I finished today, from the original copy that I wrote by hand into this computer program called Finale Allegro whose trial version I have, although it's due to expire in seven days. Luckily, I finished the movement soon enough that I was able to do this, as well as create a sound file of it played by my computer's dog-awful digital orchestra, and I shall soon print an official copy to be kept in my secret stash with the official copy of the first movement.

Seriously though, I'm listening to it now, and I can tell that if it were played by real musicians, it might melt one or two hearts, but this computer rendering of it is disgusting. I want to get to sleep as soon as I can, but I feel compelled to liszt the reasons I can't stand the digital recording:

- the dynamic changes, while observed, are way too sudden
- the tempo moves forward with the regularity of a North Korean military platoon and shows about as much expression
- this is the worst one: it's almost as if the computer speakers' digital violin is sick or something. When the violins (particularly the first violins for some reason) have certain passages, the sound just flickers in a way that kind of kills any potential beauty. But I guess that's the price I pay for not having a hundred-odd musicians on call to test out my works.

All right, good night everybody. I would write a clever conclusion if I could think of one, but my eyelids and the skin beneath my eyeballs seem have grown magnets of opposite polarity that grow stronger by the second, so I've no choice but to sign off. Tschüßie.

Lil Mugi

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liszt the reasons...painful