Sunday, January 13, 2008

Seatime Funk

We were a layer of dolphins, a
Slick mess tucked tight into
A terrific tangular of tuna.

We were dolphins caught
In a net of tuna, adolphin'
Our sorrows, adolphin'

Everything we couldn't 
Get slimy. We were
Out to get out; we were

Feelin' claustrophobic, just 
A hot mess of upturned flippers
Waiting for scum.



Lil Mugi said...

Anna, this is ingenious. It's like... beautifully atmosphæric and environmentally conscious at the same time. Or maybe it just sounds cool. How did you ever happen upon the premise?

Sasha said...

love it

ca_sunset said...

dolphins caught in a net of tuna!!
'nough said.