Friday, December 7, 2007

Aimless Mental Wending

It's nice to be back, isn't it? It's been so long since I last posted (something like three days, I think), and in that grand gap of time I felt as though some integral part of my soul had been sucked out by the dementor that loads of homework can become, but, having made my triumphant return, I now feel complete again.

The only problem is, erm, that I have no idea what to write about. Seriously, I have writer's block or something. See, in each of my first three entries, I had set out to do something. First I wanted to establish a good beginning, then I wanted to try my hand at spontaneous heroic couplets, and then I wanted to type something in German, which also ended up being in rime. But now? I'm posting for the sake of posting, with no goal, no aim, no direction. I could write about how much I love the Elgar cello concerto because I'm listening to it right now, but that might get boring, so this sentence will suffice for that.



I'll list all the birds I can think of. Here I go--tell me if I leave anything out: albatross, bird of paradise, blackbird, blue jay, canary, cardinal, chickadee, chicken, condor, cormorant, crow, duck, eagle, falcon, fibi, finch, goose, hawk, heron, herrier, jackdaw, kingfisher, loon, osprey, peacock, pidgeon, phœnix, quail, raven, robin, rook, seagull, sparrow, starling, swallow, swan, tern, turkey, woodpecker...

That's all I've got, and you won't believe what a mental strain it was. I'm more exhausted now than I was after the first time gym teachers made me run The Mile. Pathetic, eh? I come to the chair, log in to our esteemed blog expected to just magically transform in a crystalline fountain of eloquence and wisdom at the first sight of this little window we type in, and all I can do is try to write an avian alphabet book. However, much as it may seem a failure of an entry, I feel that perhaps I, at least, can gain something of knowledge from this experience. For example, I feel like I should know a lot about forms of life because I did well in AP Biology. But then, if you dig a little deeper, you might see that I had Ms. McCarthy Prima as a teacher, and that we did not learn such valuable things as an alphabetical list of all the birds. Oh no, we learnt about thin pieces of cardboard cut in the shapes of leaves and drops of water with bits of velcro on their backs. Nothing against velcro, of course. I don't mind the sound of it ripping apart as much as some people seem to.

But this is getting even less productive than the list of birds, so I'll stop. Maybe next time I'll have some more cohesive wisdom. Or if I don't, at least I'll make it sound prettier and try to write it in hendecasyllabic meter (which I did today in Latin today, albeit with only one line) or something like that. Peace y'all.

Lil Mugi

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