Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Fall and Rise of Earthly Majesty

Unending forest, soaked with green,
Washed in colours in dreams only seen,
Who flows beyond life to the faerie queene,
Tell us now where thou hast been.
The gleaming verdance of thy bright leaves' face
Tells a tale of the path thou walked'st in grace
Before shadow o'ercame thee, and left only a trace
Of the lands it infests and ruins apace.

Unbending tree, encased in bark,
Thy roots holding firm to the ground, now hark!
The air hath grown denser, thou astutely mayst mark,
Since thy shaft with nature's armour waxed ever dark.
Behold! between thy hardened case's cracks,
Where even now thy trunk a cover lacks,
Hath grown in vile splendour the head of my axe--
What say you now, you tree-hugging hacks?

Unshaking tower, lined with steel,
Who now doth your screeching whims feel?
We all have bowed, nay, prayed with zeal
Before your looming gate at which we kneel.
Hear our prayers, you monumental thorn!
Our voices echo in the chilly morn,
Our sighing thanks abound, no trace of scorn,
Till all our sodden heads of guilt be shorn.

Unblooming rose, flecked with dew,
Is this not where all thy forebears softly grew?
Dost thou not these monsters' coming rue?
Abandon all, and flaunt thy blossom's hue!

Lil Mugi

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