Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Blogblister's First Entry: An Occasion for Wild Celebration

So, all you faithful readers... I hope you're all ready, because I, Lil Mugi (just "Mugi" or "Mügsville" for short), am about to compose the stellar debut entry of The Blogblister, Blogspot's hottest and newest weblog that everyone's been talking about. This is not a joke. It's going to be great. We don't know exactly why... or what, or how... but we certainly do know the who and the where, and probably the when. That's all the question words I can think of for now.

OK, that's enough sharp, witty introduction for today. Let's get down to all the gooey inner workings that everyone's been so eager to read. This is the part that I've been worrying my head over for pretty much all of last night and this whole morning. If you count last night, when I was softly dreaming, I've been absolutely tormented for about sixteen hours now about the possibility that this entry just won't live up to our audience's high standards, and that, by writing a blisteringly lame and unexciting entry, I would plunge the future of this blog into the metaphorical internet junkyard where name-stealers such as Blogpond and Chris Saphavafamapphid's Blogblister (without the definite article, mind) reside. Nothing against them personally, but just think--had that family picked any other name, any other name--say, Blogpool or Bloglake or Blogtarn, we would have been forever blissfully ignorant of their existence, gone ahead with Blogpond, and not wasted something like ninety minutes (I may exaggerate, but only slightly) trying to come up with another name.

Of course, I don't want to sound bitter. I'm sure they're a nice family. They looked nice, at least, smiling in those scintillatingly perfect cosy family pictures, and I wouldn't want to take their happiness away by ragging on their blog's name. I'm sure they have just as much a right to it as we have. Besides, The Blogblister is perhaps even more awesome because it foreshadows the blistering way we plan to burn any who get in our way. Yeah, just try it, Chris Whatever. Don't even start thinking that just because you had the name first, you have more of a right to it. The Blogblister won't take any insolence from silly name-stealers like you.

Oh bloody hell, I've gone on a tangent again. Before I got all hopped up on these name-stealers, I was talking about the consuming angst that filled me about sullying our as yet nonexistent reputation by writing an entry that would make first-time viewers say something like, "Ew, another of these arrogant students who just thinks he's above it all with his biting social commentary. Let's stop looking at this stupid thing and play some more Runescape." See, I'm just a rusty bucket of self-conscious worries, and more than any of you may like to think, that mindset permeates pretty much everything I write, including school papers. (College essays, of course, are the exception--they're actively seeking stuck-up cynics, so it's a bit different.) And don't any of you pretend you're above that. At least I can admit, in this one regard, that I'm no better than anyone else. But now I'm putting myself above everyone else by saying I admit it. Confusing, isn't it? That's probably why I've never really tried to open up my thoughts like this online before--it would get ridiculously complex, probably not even make sense, and also be so full of myself that I would get tinglies in my spine (not the good kind) whenever I read it at a later date.

Ah well, too late now! I'm going to hit the "publish" button in a moment or two. Comment if you will. Or, if you won't, find some other way to let me know you're there. Because I know you are--with a blog like this, so well-established and long-standing in our infinitely rich internet culture, how could there not be droves of readers already furiously cutting in line to see our next putaperience? I know I'd be one.

Lil Mugi

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