Wednesday, December 5, 2007


So, yesterday I went to my Turkmen neighbors' house for lunch. It was pretty great. It was just the two parents; no English-speaking younger people.
First, the man, Atajan, brought out a book about his city and talked about Turkmen history and Alexander Nevsky and Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan for a long time. It was kind of incomprehensible, but still awesome to listen to.
After that, I ate a lot of spinach chebureks, which are basically fried dough with spinach inside. They gave me ketchup and sour cream and weird canned tomatoes to put on them. The ketchup and sour cream was all right, but I didn't finish my tomato. I ate chebureks until I was stuffed, and then they gave me a huge bowl of vanilla ice cream.
After that, we drank green tea and watched their favorite channel, Spike TV. It seemed a little weird to me at first that they liked Spike TV so much. Still, I guess if I didn't know English too well, Spike TV would be my favorite channel too, since like 90% of its programming is footage of natural disasters and Ultimate Fighting.


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