Monday, December 3, 2007


Well, Jere Hochman granted me a snowday today like I asked for. Thanks, Jere. The only thing was, I didn't really handle it as well as I could have. I abused the snowday miracle by not doing anything that good. I woke up too early and ate a bagel that wasn't that good. I watched too much television that wasn't that good. The snow wasn't even that good; you could see grass tips poking up through the inch or two that covered the ground, and it was icy.

I'm being a little negative, though. I did go on a good run with Hannah, Maya, and Sarah through town, and it was nice to lie in my warm bed doing nothing, bathed in that special white-blue light that happens when it snows.

My day peaked at sunset. In the late afternoon, Andrew, Tommy, and Liam walked over to my house. It was just starting to get really beautiful; the clouds pushed themselves back to reveal this great coral and yellow light, similar to the inside of a conch shell, except more brilliant. The trees, coated delicately with ice, looked like glass, and the snow on the ground muted the rough car sounds around my street.

We crunched our way through the trails around the farmland by my house, taking in the glazed landscape. The impending darkness and lucid, darkened colors compacted and reduced everything, made us feel like we were a part of a toy farm or a Dutch landscape. We saw these brown cows silently huddling together, who were touchingly cute. They seemed to be thinking the same things as us: It's cold, and we can't believe we're a part of such a subtle illustration.

I guess I took the really good parts of my day for granted: The warm bed, the silent air, the crystal trees. My day off was pretty good, actually.

School will suck tomorrow, compared to this. I hate eating lunch at 10:00 AM, which I will have to do tomorrow. I feel so debased every time I go into that nasty, overly hot cafeteria with all of my rowdy classmates pushing each other everywhere, especially at a time when I'm usually eating breakfast at home. Plus, lunch food never really tastes good before noon. It's just weird. Carrots at 10:00 AM. Ketchup at 10:00 AM.

The thing that gets me about our high school is that it takes away all these little liberties that seem insignificant in themselves, but end up beating me down over a long period of time. For example, the freedom of eating lunch at a normal time. Also, learning how to use ProQuest in the form of an hour-long presentation given by a librarian. Again. Getting course expectations signed by parents. Again.

Whatever, it's almost over. At least we don't have to make today up.



lil mugi said...

That was beautiful. Also, it gives me the opportunity to ask a very deep and personal question: how do you pronounce "Jere?" Is it like "Jerry" or is some French thing?

ATL said...

Well, for a time I thought it was pronounced as "Jerry," but Andrew thinks it's "Jayre," like "chair."

Liz said...

Anna. (and Liam and Tommy). This is amazing. Stunning. Mind-boggling. And other similar adjectives.

It's "Jerry."